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Walking on cold water is an empowerment memoir transparently told by Jasmin Rockemore-Seapoe. Fear can instantly be a mind killer that can destroy your destiny if you let it. Fear can cause you to have doubts and paralyze you from moving forward. Don't you think it's time to say goodbye to fear and hello to freedom? Living the abundant life we all desire is on the other side of fear. This book explores real-life situations and activates healing and growth for

the reader through the interactive prompts within each chapter.

Develop your superpower through the 8 empowerment keys that

will assist you in overcoming the very thing that is holding you back.


This memoir will give you the confidence to heal through brokenness, catastrophic effects of trauma, and turn your heartbreak into a tool to facilitate wholeness in your life. The journey may not be easy but we must trust the process. Be encouraged to embrace Walking on Cold Water.

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